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Method of application

The method of application is very simple:

Two to three times a day, dissolve a sachet of LaxoGel® in a glass of water, yogurt or juice and consume immediately because of the rapid conversion of fibers into the gelatinous mass. It is recommended to drink an additional glass of water immediately and increase the total intake of fluids during the day. The dose for children from 6-12 years is half the daily dose for adults.

LaxoGel® is also effective as an auxiliary agent for the healing of hemorrhoids, it helps in the regulation of elevated cholesterol, and is suitable for both pregnant and breast-feeding.
The main advantage of using this natural preparation is that it does not have a harmful effect on health, it does not destroy the intestinal microflora and, unlike other more aggressive laxatives, does not create addiction, so it can be taken indefinitely.