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Herbal laxative

Solves problems of obstipation and regular digestion in a natural way

Without creating habits and time constraints

Lifestyle, characterized by long-term sitting and fast foods with poor fibers intake, often causes digestion difficulties, causing an increasing number of people having a problem with an “obstipation”.

After a festive period with heavy foods intake rich in carbohydrates and fats, and winter months when our coldness is an additional reason for minimal physical activity, any help in encouraging a healthy and neat stool is welcome.

As with many other problems, the help comes from nature, and this time it is a great ally to improve the work of the bowels – psyllium from the plant Plantago Ovata.

Psyllium from Plantago ovate (Asian or Indian bumblebee) contains lipids, unsaturated fatty acids, but above all fibers and mucus, which causes its effect to “lubricate” the walls of the bowel.

The insoluble fibers of Psyllium are resistant to digestive enzymes, so they relatively easily pass through the stomach to the colon. They act like a broom there, cleaning all the harmful substances. Polysaccharide mucous membranes with Psyllium bind water and have the ability to increase their volume by more than 15 times, so they keep water, swollen and stimulate peristalsis, accelerating intestinal discharge.

Of the other similar preparations, it differs from the higher fiber content (53% more fibers, or 5g per bag per total).

LaxoGel Natural, clean Psyllium, without any additives, additives, and sweeteners, for all those who like a completely natural product.

LaxoGel Red Orange, Psyllium fibers with added sweetener and pleasant aroma of red-orange.

LaxoGel Plus, a unique combination of Psyllium fibers and the probiotic strain Bacillus subtillis, which additionally accelerates peristalsis up to 50%, and acting on the immune cells in the wall of the intestine, strengthens the immune system’s performance.